Benefits of the Roofers Friend Tool


  • The cost of the tool is less than having to replace a single shingle that gets damaged by other methods of recessing in nails left behind by roof jacks

  • Protects shingle while effectively recessing in nails

  • Easy to hang belt clip and/or 3/8" hole in handle

  • Inverted base pushes nails flush with the decking

  • Made with durability in mind



“Roofers Friend has helped me out in all the aspects of our construction company. From roof repairs, taking off roof jacks not damaging any part of the shingles, to fixing outside corners on vinyl siding repairs. This is truly an awesome addition to my tools. Paid for itself on the first job in undamaged material and in getting those hard to reach nails.”


TJ Monnette - Owner

Monnette Construction LLC

"Great tool that Every Roofer needs!! 


Very effective and easy to use, surprised no one has ever invented one before! Worthy of being in my tool box."

Farmer Ted 

5 out of 5 Stars 

"Five Stars!!

Great tool! does exactly what it advertises for: helps nail nails without damaging shingles!"

Dmitry Lipinskiy - Owner

Roofing Insights

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